Want the best of the best? Looking for a device that’s as good as new but comes with additional features and benefits, while still saving you 100’s of pounds off the cost of a new device?

Then upgrade your device to our exclusive ‘Pristine Plus’ grade for just £20 and get over £40 in value added extras. This exclusive offer is another great reasons to shop with Mobile Reborn.

Upgrade your Pristine device now for just £20

If you want a refurbished device that’s as good as new, along with a range of  accessories that more than justify the asking price alone, then look no further than our ‘Pristine Plus’ upgrade exclusively from Mobile reborn. To purchase simply upgrade your pristine condition device on the checkout or by selecting the ‘Pristine Plus’ variant on our product page.

With ‘Pristine Plus’ you get the following additional features and benefits:

100% Battery Capacity Guarantee

All of our ‘Pristine Plus’ upgrades have a 100% battery capacity guarantee so you can be assured it’s as good as new and will last long into the future.

A Blemish free as ‘NEW’ Device

As with our Pristine models all of our ‘Pristine Plus’ upgrades are free from any blemishes, scratches or chips. Your device will look as good as new.

Silicone Case and Screen Protector 

Protect your new device with our Mobile Reborn branded silicon case and glass screen protector. Start protecting your device from the get go. RRP £14.99.

Fast Ventev Wireless Charger

Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging with the fast wireless Chargepad+ from Ventev. Compatible with Qi charging technology. RRP £29.99.

Buy your exclusive ‘Pristine Plus’ device now