We give 10% of our profits to good causes

Not to brag, but we think what we do is pretty great! With TPO you can get your hands on the device you want whilst saving money AND the planet.

What’s more we want to buy our customers mobiles, pay great prices and then recycle it and get it back into the world to live a second life – like cool. So, Dave pass your phone to Kate, and she will pass it to Paul – same phone used many times, that’s great right.

We want you to keep your existing mobile phone, that’s pretty simple. We will help you with an amazing repair service to keep it in your hand longer and extend its life cycle.

We also give 10% of our profits to good causes. From Save the children to Save the guinea pigs, all causes are equal in our eyes, we don’t judge. If you can’t tell, we like helping our planet and giving.

We believe that brilliant service, super value, helping the planet, helping great causes and, of course, great connections are just the beginning.

With the people’s operator, everything we do and everywhere we go we want to deliver goodness with every mobile device we take in and ship out, create a feeling of goodness that’s easy to be a part of.

And encourage others to spread that feeling. Spread the love, if you will, we will!

This is the customer experience we want to create. That no matter where, when or how a person interacts with us, this feeling of goodness should be consistently delivered and manifested. Boom.